MCNO Jazz Band (english)

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02092017-IMG_9268-4.jpgThe MCNO Jazz Band was born from a rather original idea: playing the great standards of the 20’s and 30’s swing era – which are generally seen as being too traditional or outdated – with a band entirely composed of young musicians. This music is often wrongly neglected by the new generation of jazz artists who generally tend towards modern jazz. So the idea here was to go a little bit against the tide and carry on the tradition of this music which still remains the source of all the forms of jazz we hear today. The attachment to the roots is something important in the study of any form of music and the desire of this band is not to forget them.



Jean Charles Levaillant (tp)

Vincent Le Cam (ss)

Olivier Desplebin (tb)

Maxime Combarieu (pno)

Franck Terrier (sb)

Jean Gaël Bernal (dms)

You can listen to this project via the following link: